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From underground to Olympic sport; Boarders captures the rich culture of the British skate scene. Following four British skateboarders as they aim to qualify for the Tokyo Games, despite being challenged by limited facilities.


Filmed for over a period of 12 months BOARDERS features team GB skateboarders Sam Beckett, Alex Hallford, Jordan Thackeray and Alex deCunha as they navigate the world of Olympic Skateboarding.


The film explores the fascinating and controversial moment in time for the "sport" where the growing commercial expectations meet the rule-breaking ethos of skateboarding. Considered by many practitioners as a lifestyle and an art form rather than a sport, Boarders addresses a key talking point in the skate community of whether skateboarding will change as a result of the Olympics.


Boarders looks under the surface to discuss what it is like to be a professional skateboarder; with bigger competitions and more money entering the sport, the stakes are higher for everyone involved.

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